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Andries Botha

In the music industry a legend in his own right, Andries Botha, the man, known for his many talents

With his background as a performing artist since the age of 10 when he picked up a guitar for the first time, Andries knew that this is what he was destined for. Andries has always seen and heard music “differently”. Growing up with the sounds of The Eagles, The Allman Brothers, Elvis and many more wonderful performers of the 70’s it started when he picked up that first guitar basing his entire life on music!

At the young age of 11 years Andries sings “The Air That I Breathe” with so much passion that his career takes off in a big way. He joins the family band, then known as “Love Corporation” which accompanies singers like, Sally Vaughn, Gene Rockwell, and Ken Mullen to name but a few.

After his school years Andries want to “rock & roll” and establishes the band Georgia with his two brothers. They fast become one of the most popular acts on the club and pub scene recording 2 CD’s. During this time they also collaborate with Dr Victor where he performs “Magic Woman Touch” which will now also be re-released on his new album during 2012.

With the great talent at hand he also collaborates with Mel Botes with the writing of “David’s Confession”.

Andries has had various record deals with names such as EMI & Vonk. Now producing his own album we expect absolute greatness with his vocal ability and range from Heavy Metal to Classical.

With his eclectic and unique voice Andries is sure to “wow” any crowd! Andries has become one of the best guitar players on the local scene with many top performers requesting him to join them on stage. Andries has an unbelievable ability to write songs suited to what he sees visually and never disappoints in this regard.

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Andries Botha is here to stay, share his talent and make a great contribution to the local film market. With his wide range of abilities second-to-none, he will always enthrall…..and inspire.
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