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Sound and Lighting Hire

We are a sound and lighting company, offering sound hire and lighting hire services. Our knowledge and experience with different artists and venues sets us apart from others. With many years experience and training, we are able to handle any task set before us.

Sound:From the most basic setup to large format systems, we have the experience. Starting out on basic analogue mixers, and working our way up to the best digital in the industry. We are capable of supplying all of the artist and client needs:

  • Microphones
  • Point Source speaker systems
  • Line array Speaker System
  • Stage monitors
  • In ear monitors
  • Front of house consoles
  • Foldback consoles
  • Digital Mults
  • Wireless distribution

Lighting:With the industry moving towards more visually themed productions, we keep with the change and supply the leading LED technology and intelligent lights to meet our customers’ requirements.

  • Lighting consoles
  • Pc Based lighting software
  • Moving Lights
  • Scanners
  • Par Cans
  • Led Par Cans
  • Stage Wash
  • Follow Spots
  • DMX Distribution
  • Dimmer Packs

 We can help with the following:

  • Sound and Lighting Hire
  • Concert Sound and Lighting
  • Lighting and sound equipment
  • Stage sound and lighting
  • Sound and lighting equipment
  • Sound and lighting systems
  • Event sound and lighting

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Our services include:
- Sound & Lighting Hire
- Stage design
- Artist Management
- Recording Studio
- Audio Visual
- Backline